My Views

Society always likes to label people. Coworkers, family, friends and acquaintances will always judge people by their label. Do I have a label? No, but I know what I don’t like to be labelled. So I’ll leave it up to you to judge for yourself.


  • Heavily promote and encourage farming
    • World demand for food will always be increasing, and must meet the supply
    • It will ensure local food security if we flood the market

Crime and Justice

  • Mandatory Minimum sentencing for gun-related crimes
  • Scrap the Gun-Registry, but maintain current restrictions
  • Death penalty for;
    • Violent Criminals (the rights of the innocent society greatly exceed the rights of the criminals)
    • Criminally Insane (they cannot be rehabilitated and are a menance to society)
  • Legalize prostitution and all drugs, and then tax the hell out of it
    • This will keep recreational drug users out of jail and from chewing up the taxpayers money for being prosecuted for non-violent crimes
    • Crime rates will go down, drug related violence will cease to exist
  • Criminalize all foreign law interpretations in Family Courts
  • Review cases brought to the Human Rights Courts
    • Most of them are frivolous claims
    • Common sense should dictate
  • Implant GPS devices into all sex offenders to track their whereabouts and to prevent them from reoffending
  • Any New Immigrant who commits a violent crime within 5 years of coming to Canada will be deported and banned from returning
  • Increases the jail terms for people accused of insurance fraud
    • It is becoming an epidemic in Ontario, which drives up the premiums for law abiding citizens like myself
  • Disqualify convicted violent criminals from receiving Social Security
  • Crackdown on Elder and Child Abuse
  • Increase the sentences for people convicted for terrorism


  • Slash defense spending
  • Withdraw all of our troops from foreign locations and bring them home, such as Afghanistan
  • Maintain a tight hold over Canadian Artic Sovereignty
  • Mandatory 1-2 years of military service for all adults
  • Withdraw all Financial Aid to countries involved in terrorism

Democracy and Immigration

  • Make Canada a role-model for a secular state
  • Keep Same-Sex marriages legal
  • Keep abortion legal
  • Abolish the Senate
    • It’s a bunch of lazy men who get paid >$150,000 a year FOR ONLY WORKING 1 DAY!
  • Declare Multiculturalism as a failure, and no longer pursue it
  • Make English and/or French language proficiency to be mandatory for new immigrants
  • Apply a litmus test for immigrants to see if their values conform to Canadian Values (ie. opinions of gays, women, other religions)
  • Fast-track immigrants who have an educational backgroun and comply with the previous two points


  • Place road tolls on all major highways
    • Money gathered will be strictly for improving, expanding and subsidizing public transit infrastructure
    • It will encourage carpooling
    • Less highway traffic always increases productivity
  • Offer tax credits for companies who hire summer students and/or new graduates
  • Slash the pensions and salaries of Government Party Members
  • Subsidize daycare
    • In this day and age, both parents need to work to provide a maximized household income
  • Look for efficiencies in the Public Sector
  • Apply wage freezes for certain Public Sector Jobs
  • Lower and Cap Public Sector wages for CEOs and other high paying jobs
    • Max Cap: $250,000/year
  • Address the clear difference in the wages between the Public Sector and the Private Sector
  • Promote Canadian businesses abroad
  • Ramp up exports
  • Increase Social Security benefits for who work past the elligible age of collection (67 years old)
  • Heavily monitor banking activity
  • Borrow money from the Bank of Canada instead of Private Creditors, it’s best to keep the debt domestically with all interest going back into the economy
  • Tax citizens according to the income brackets
  • Apply a modest tariff to imported products to encourage domestic purchasing


  • Subsidize tuition
    • It it necessary to educate our future leaders
  • Maintain current Sex Education practises
    • Make it illegal for parents to opt out of these courses
    • Do not encourage Abstinence to be “the only solution”
  • Defund the Catholic School Board
  • Outlaw all forms of Religious Schooling
  • Encourage skilled trades
  • Increases grants for medical research and medicinal advancements


  • Encourage sustainable energy practises
  • Slowly phase out coal with a longer term phasing out of gas and other fossil fuel energy sources
  • Focus energy production in Nuclear, Hydro, Wind and Geothermal
  • Scout for areas where Co-Generation Power plants may be constructed
    • Attach exercise bicycles at Gyms to the local grid?
    • Any process which produces excessive amounts of heat would be ideal
  • Increase devotion to cost-efficient and energy-efficient Solar Production


  • Operate a two-tier system of both Public and Private Healthcare
  • Profits gathered from Private Healthcare systems will be fed back into the Public Healthcare system
  • Operate Public Healthcare systems during off-hours as Private Health care Systems
  • Increase medical isotope output, as we are the world leader in producting them
  • Open more bike lanes on main roadways
    • Less cars on the road
    • Less traffic accidents between cyclists and car drivers
    • Better overall health
  • Tax the burdens of our system in order to change their lifestyles;
    • Apply a “Fat Tax” to people who are morbidly obese
    • Apply an “Idiot Tax” to people who are chain-smokers
  • Reduce the average working week by 2.5 hours from 40 hours to 37.5 hours. 30 minutes a day must be used for some form of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Apply a “Consumption Tax” to unhealthy Fast Food Outlets (McDonalds, Wendys, Harveys, KFC, etc.)
    • Money gathered from the “Consumption Tax” will be used to subsidize healthy foods at grocery stores
  • Subsidize Gym Memberships
  • Address the poor conditions of some Senior Living homes and apartments

One response to “My Views

  1. Katie Donovan

    February 13, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    You’re a fuckn’ loon. But I like most of what you say.


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