Take a pill, Ford haters. Preferably a cyanide pill.

21 Jun

After another victory for Ford, the typical ravenous Lefties are up in arms.

With the Supreme Court of Canada refusing to hear lawyer Clayton Ruby’s and client Paul Magder’s “Hail Mary” attempt to have Mayor Rob Ford removed from office, it’s time for the anti-Ford nation to take a Valium.It’s also time to start calling Ford’s alleged conflict of interest case what it has turned out to be, a non-conflict of interest case.Ford’s political fate will now be determined by voters in next year’s municipal election, as it should be.From the beginning, the whole idea Ford could be removed from office because he voted in favour of not returning $3,150 he raised from business donors for his charitable football foundation, was absurd.The real problem is the poorly written Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, provincial legislation which everyone from Ford to Premier Kathleen Wynne agrees needs to be amended. So amend it.One of the key changes needed is to give judges alternative ways to punish politicians found in violation of the act, short of the nuclear option of removing them from office.Another is amending the law so that the onus of enforcing it is not placed on private citizens but the Crown, which will also reduce frivolous complaints.Beyond that, anti-Ford political activists who have never accepted Ford as mayor, or for that matter the results of the 2010 municipal election, should stop trying to achieve through the courts what they could not accomplish at the polls.Ford himself should stop acting like a bull in a china shop at City Hall.If he had originally followed the advice of his own political allies on council not to vote on the issue of whether to return the $3,150 in donations — a vote he would have handily won, regardless — he could have avoided this entire mess.Finally, it’s time to stop listening to Ford’s increasingly hysterical critics who keep insisting City Hall is paralyzed because Ford won’t listen to them and quit.Nonsense. In you want to talk about real municipal crises, look to Montreal, Laval and London, where mayors and ex-mayors are facing criminal charges involving allegations of everything from corruption to fraud, bribery and gangsterism.By contrast, Ford’s fate will be decided, properly, at the polls.

via Take a pill, Ford haters | Editorial | Opinion | Toronto Sun.

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