New York Post photographer proves that humanity is truly disgusting

04 Dec

Ki Suk Han New York Post cover










We need a Good Samaritan law in place to charge people like this man. The photographer had a moral obligation to help this poor man out but decided that becoming a media one-hit wonder was more important than the life of an innocent man.

It would obviously be a better story (in the eyes of a media) to have a photograph of a man about to die than a story about a man narrowly avoiding death.

Judging by the decent quality of the photo, the photographer either;
a) Had a darn good camera, which means that it would’ve taken a while to set up (as i described below), critical time which could’ve been better used to save the mans life. This man is a photographer by trade, so this could be the likely scenario.
b) Was close to the man (probably 15 feet or so judging by the proportions), as to not lose picture quality with the zoom.

As the article says; “But one picture on the video shows Han lying on the tracks, while the subway train’s lights show it had yet to even enter the station.”

Humanity is truly disgusting.

New York Post runs photo of Ki Suk Han about to be killed by subway | World | News | National Post.

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