Mother defends one of Rouge Park man’s alleged tormentors

06 Jul

“He was just there doing his thing,” the trusting mother said Thursday. “He wasn’t hurting anyone.” This silly bitch should be voted mother of the year for Toronto.  With an attitude like that from the parent, is it any surprise to any of us that the kid has no respect for adults?  If this little bastards Mother can’t care enough to get her kid to behave then society won’t have much chance.  Disgusting excuse for a parent.  She “warned her boy not to smoke up at school”……. Yeah, great parenting skills there MOM.  She is worried people might recognize him?  WHY?  Perhaps she is worried some concerned citizen might teach him those life lessons she failed to teach him properly. These kids need to respect adults, and that is one thing that starts at home. This kid deserves a beatdown from his Dad.

unruly teens 060712

TORONTO – A Scarborough mother is defending her teenager after a blurred photo of him smoking pot at West Rouge Public School appeared in the Toronto Sun earlier this week.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said she was upset when her 16-year-old admitted he and a friend had their picture snapped by Mike Greer as they sat in a doorway at the school with their bongs.

But her son maintains he knew nothing about the threats and vandalism the Friendship Ave. resident has endured until the man’s story was published in Wednesday’s paper along with photos of some of the youth who have given him grief.

“He was just there doing his thing,” the trusting mother said Thursday. “He wasn’t hurting anyone.”

The woman said she had warned her boy not to smoke up at the school and he has since told her he has no plans to get high there ever again.

Although her son’s face was blurred in the photo, she was still concerned people might recognize him and wanted to make it clear he was not one of the trouble-makers.

The distraught mom also expressed her disgust at what Greer has endured over the past year, including the firebombing of his house as he and his wife and their two young children slept inside.

“I can’t believe these kids,” she said. “I would be pissed too. It’s just terrible.”

Greer began shooting photos of area teens in an effort to gather evidence for Toronto Police. He also followed the two teens with the bongs trying unsuccessfully to find out where they live.

“My son thought the guy was crazy until he saw the story in the paper,” the mother said.

She claims her son left the school immediately after he was confronted by Greer.

But Greer alleges that’s not exactly accurate.

He said the teens wouldn’t leave so he threatened to call the cops.

“They told me, ‘Go ahead, the police don’t care,’” Greer recounted.

via Mother defends one of Scarborough man’s alleged tormentors | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

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