Lowlife teens continue to terrorize families in the East-end Toronto area

05 Jul

Where are the Police in this matter? If someone firebombed my house and tried to kill my wife and family, then the Police would be the least of their worries..

TORONTO – Mike Greer just wanted the teenagers in his east end neighbourhood to stop smoking pot outside his kids’ bedroom windows.

Instead the phys ed teacher and his family have been terrorized for more than a year.

But now he and other residents of Friendship Ave. say they’ve had enough of the unruly teens, who they believe may also be responsible for burning down a playground at a nearby daycare a month before a Molotov cocktail was tossed at Greer’s home while his son, 5, and daughter, 3, slept on Saturday.

“That’s the lowest of the low,” neighbour Geoff Evenden said of the blaze that destroyed the toddlers playground at Charlottetown Blvd. Childcare Centre on the May long weekend.

“That’s the equivalent of stealing Christmas presents from kids,” he added.

The director of the daycare , near Port Union Rd. and Lawrence Ave. E., was unavailable for comment Wednesday.

But Evenden, whose son attends the centre, estimated the fire caused $30,000 damage.

He’s also had run-ins with belligerent youth.

Evenden suspects it was teens who “punched holes” in his new fence.

And his wife and son were nearly run down by a car in West Rouge Public School’s parking lot, where teens often gather to party.

Other residents of the quiet street had bags of lawn clippings set ablaze on the driveways over the same holiday weekend as the daycare fire.

But Greer has been the main target.

That same holiday weekend in May two of his cars were scratched and their tires slashed. It was the second time his vehicles were vandalized. His house has also been egged repeatedly.

Greer said the attacks have cost him more than $7,000, not including what he spent on security cameras.

But his main concern is his family’s safety.

Greer has recently been spending nights in his car keeping watch for the next attack.

He has even considered hiring private security so he and his wife can get a decent night’s sleep. But it would cost $1,300 a night.

His troubles began last summer when he “politely” asked some teenagers using drugs at the side of the school, next-door to his house, to go elsewhere because the smoke was wafting into his kids’ windows.

He’s been working with his City Councillor, a TDSB trustee and Toronto Police. But so far his efforts have only antagonized the teens, who curse at him and threaten him when they walk or drive through the neighbourhood.

Greer admits he’s been tempted to take the law into his own hands, but he knows it would cost him his career.

“As a teacher we tell kids what to do when they are being bullied,” he said. “You follow all of these processes and it will stop.”

“But as adults, when you’re getting the same attacks and you go through all of the necessary steps… and you’re still getting attacked, what are you left to do?” Greer wonders.

Police say 43 Division officers continue to investigate the fire-bombing.

Greer will meet with cops, his councillor and trustee again Friday to discuss other options.

But his neighbour, Evenden, believes there’s a simple solution.

“Put surveillance cameras up on the roof of the school,” he suggested. “I think these kids would be far less likely to smoke drugs out there if they knew they would be caught on video.”

via List of complaints grows against east-end teens | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

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