Polls show that Quebecers least friendly, Newfoundlanders most kind

29 Jun

Source: Sun

OTTAWA – Quebecers are the least friendly Canadians, Saskatchewan is plain ugly and British Columbia is on top as a vacation destination, says a new poll.

The Abacus Data survey provides some unique insights into how Canadians view their country on the eve of a national hoedown to celebrate 145 years of Confederation. Abacus polled 1,008 Canadians on June 20-23 to learn which provinces rock and which flop.

Alberta was tops in three categories – best managed (45%), lowest income taxes (57%), and best place to open a new business (37%).

“Alberta is the darling of Confederation,” said Abacus CEO David Coletto. “Canadians think it’s the best managed province, has the lowest taxes and is the most business friendly.”

Quebec came out of the poll jilted, scoring a failing grade in three areas – worst managed (47%), worst place to open a business (25%), and home to the least friendly people (45%).

“Quebec’s brand outside the province is very weak,” said Coletto. “No one really wants to visit,” he said of the province mired in a corruption scandal and still reeling from student protests.

Newfoundland and Labrador was home to the most-friendly people, according to 29% of respondents.

Saskatchewan falls flat when it comes to looks with 47% saying it has the least beautiful scenery compared to B.C., with its soaring peaks and ocean views.

Fifty percent said B.C. was the prettiest province – so attractive in fact that a majority, or 29% of respondents, said they would visit on their next vacation compared to 1% for Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Ontario has little to crow about in the survey, coming second (27%) on the unfriendly scale, first (32%) in highest taxes, and second (22%) in worst managed.

“Ontario’s brand struggles,” said Coletto. “Many believe it has high taxes, is poorly managed and has unfriendly people. It’s still a place to do business but not much else.”

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1%, 19 times out of 20.

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