CANADA: Dog left outside in heat at Oshawa home was 10 minutes from death

26 Jun

Source: Toronto Star

Some people are simply too stupid to own pets. Anyone who leaves their dog in a locked car on a hot day, or outside in the sun should be given a beating.

A chow chow is recovering after it was found near death in the front yard of an Oshawa home last week.</p>

An elderly chow chow dog is recovering after it was found near death under the blazing sun in the front yard of a north Oshawa home last week.

Acting on a tip, Humane Society of Durham Region investigator Debby Houghton discovered the dog tied outside next to the porch of a house on June 21. The humidex level at the time was near 43 degrees Celsius.

The dog was not lying still and appeared to be in extreme distress, Ms. Houghton said in a news release issued Monday. “The dog looked as if it had tried to get in behind a small cedar hedge to get out of the sun, however got tangled up with a retractable type leash.”

When Ms. Houghton removed the leash, the dog was unable to move or stand up. She carried it to her air-conditioned van to provide water and it began to convulse. The dog has been under veterinary care since then and its condition is improving.

“This was a terrible and very sad case involving a dog that had endured a great deal of suffering,” said Ms. Houghton.

“To leave a dog unattended on one of the hottest days this year, and an older dog at that, is totally unacceptable. The veterinarian attending to the dog has commented that if 10 more minutes had elapsed the dog would have probably died.”

Animal cruelty charges are pending.


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2 responses to “CANADA: Dog left outside in heat at Oshawa home was 10 minutes from death

  1. sb

    July 5, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    I hope they are never allowed to own a dog again

  2. Locci

    October 3, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    The dog in above photo was epileptic and had a seizure on June 21. He was not left out in the heat. This dog was diagnosed with heat stroke before knowing that he is epileptic and has been since the age of 3. Anyone who has owned a dog with epiliespy knows that the risk of death is high. This dog was loved and not neglected. I am extremely upset, disgusted and furious with how incorrect information is plastered all over the place, whatever makes the story. Now that this dog has since passed away, no one cares. His family is still affected by how this all unfolded. Information about the animal was never asked, whatever the vet says goes I guess. Considering that the symptoms of a grand mal seizure are quite similar to heat stroke. But know one even asked anything about this dog, they just posted a story to make the owners look bad, how disgusting is that. How are we to help the animals when the humane society doesn’t help them. I guess every owner is bad in their eyes.


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