IRAQ: Subhuman terrorist Muslims declare jihad on pets and soccer, blasts targeting pet store and soccer field kill 11, wound 29

25 Jun

Source: Toronto Star

More vermin attempting to thrust Sharia law and the direct interpretations of the Qu’ran on the people of Iraq. There will never be peace in Muslims countries, unless the fundamentalists are all removed.

BAGHDAD—Iraqi officials say two bomb blasts have killed 11 people in cities nearly 150 kilometres apart from each other.

The first attack came at sunset Monday. A bomb hidden in a plastic bag exploded outside a pet store in Baqouba, about 60 kilometres northeast of Baghdad.

Police and health officials said five people were killed in the blast and three were wounded.

An hour later in the city of Hillah, police said six people died when a minibus blew up as it pulled up to a popular soccer field.

Another 26 people were wounded. Health officials confirmed the casualties. Hillah is about 100 kilometres south of Baghdad.

All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information.

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