CANADA: Shocking display of parenting

25 Jun

Source: Toronto Sun.

Recent immigrants who come to our country only to beg. They use their baby to guilt-trip us into giving them money. This picture was taken on a ridiculously hot day from last week when temperatures exceeded 40degC when combined with the humidity. They should be charged with child abuse. Why do we even let these people into our country to begin with? They will never pay taxes and never contribute to our society. They’ll simply be societal leeches, feeding off the hard-earned taxpayer dime.


MISSISSAUGA – The scorching 35C temperature Wednesday felt more like 41C and these so-called parents were panhandling with an infant child used as bait. I have seen a lot of things in my quarter century as a reporter, but I had not before seen that. And yet in the parking lot at the corner of Eglinton Ave. and Winston Churchill Blvd., behind the Beer Store, TD Bank and McDonalds and across from the RONA, was a couple with a baby and a sign which read: “Please help: Me have three kids, No job. no money for food. God Bless.”


It’s probably a safe bet these people will not be winning any parenting of the year awards — if they are indeed the child’s parents at all. Whoever they were, they clasped their hands to together as if to pray as they begged to cars passing by.

It was a pathetic sight. But it worked. Many stopped and donated. One look at the poor child, looking like an overheated rag doll in the stroller, and it’s understandable why people would try to do whatever they could do to help. The police were called with the thought in mind that it’s just not fair for that child to be used in such a way. Turns out a couple fitting this description has been warned about this in the past.

“They have been told to move along several times,” said Peel Regional Police spokesman Const. Thomas Ruttan. “They used to do this on the actual road.” This time, they seemed to be using some trees and shrubs as cover and coming out from behind them as cars exited the parking lot. It was a strange sight. Ruttan sent a car over immediately but the couple, sensing action, moved on to a new location.

Who are these people?

Whatever the back story, the only thing that matters is the child’s safety. If anyone knows for sure what’s going on with this, please let me know. Perhaps there is somebody in an official capacity who could investigate this family’s actual situation and offer an appropriate response.

Meanwhile, is there any reason in Mississauga for a family to do such a thing? Is there any scenario where what was being presented was true and there is not enough food to feed three kids? The same way Mike Strobel did not fall for the Shaky Lady’s panhandling scam a few years back, I am not buying it. However just in case someone has fallen between the cracks the number of the Peel Family Shelter is 905-272-7061 and the Honeychurch Family Life Resource Centre is another excellent option at 905-451-4115.

Seeing this in Mississauga was a real shock.

And yet in recent times there has been more and more panhandling tolerated in Mississauga in gas stations and mall parking lots. Recently there was a woman with a similar sign in the Walmart parking lot at the South Common Mall and last year I saw a man steal a purse from a woman’s shopping cart in the parking lot of the Longo’s on Glen Erin Drive. There are some in the poverty business who would love to see this kind of thing move in bigger numbers to comfortable Mississauga. If a family is permitted to subject a toddler to such a racket on a day where you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, they may get their wish.

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