CANADA: Luka Rocco Magnotta pleads not guilty

19 Jun

Source: Toronto Star

The gay cannibal has been shipped back to Canada at last. He pleads not guilty. He may be going for the insanity plea?

Luka Rocco Magnotta escorted by police upon arrival from Germany on June 18, 2012 at Mirabel Airport outside Montreal. Magnotta, dubbed "the Canadian Psycho", is accused of slaying and dismembering a Chinese student in Montreal last month, before fleeing to Europe.

MONTREAL—Luka Rocco Magnotta has pleaded not guilty in the body-parts case.

Appearing in a Montreal courtroom by video link, Magnotta has pledged to protest his innocence in a slaying-and-dismemberment case that has drawn international attention.

The 29-year-old murder suspect was shackled and taken into custody at Mirabel airport north of Montreal on Monday night, after being returned from Germany aboard a military plane.

Magnotta, a self-described porn actor and prostitute, faces charges including first-degree murder, defiling a corpse, and harrassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

He is accused of killing and dismemberment Montreal university student Jun Lin, and mailing out his body parts to different places including the Ottawa offices of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Magnotta, who became the target of an international manhunt, was arrested in a Berlin Internet cafe while apparently reading news stories about himself.

A motorcade of vehicles with flashing lights rolled out to meet Magnotta at Mirabel and a half-dozen men escorted him off the plane and into an unmarked minivan.

Police said preliminary checks with private airlines suggested it would be difficult to use a standard commercial carrier to get Magnotta home. Among the problems: the airline would have had to vacate “a complete section” of seats around the accused body-parts killer.

“We made checks and there was no interest from commercial airlines,” said a Montreal police spokeswoman.

He arrived in Canada late Monday, and was brought to a police operations centre for questioning. Police said they planned to ask about the location of Lin’s head — which has yet to be found. They said they wanted to find that missing part to help bring closure to the victim’s family.

Lin’s torso was found inside a suitcase in an alley, and his hands and feet were mailed to the offices of political parties in Ottawa and schools in Vancouver.

DNA tests have confirmed all the body parts belong to Lin, a Chinese national studying computer science at Concordia University.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Tuesday when asked about Magnotta’s return that China was monitoring developments and hoped that there would be justice to give “the victim a result that can have him rest in peace.”

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