Dalton McGuinty

08 Jun

h/t Renegade Tory

Who is he?

He is the Premier of Province; Ontario. He won a Liberal Majority in 2003 and 2007 and was re-elected for a third term in 2011 with a Liberal Minority Government.

Why is he a Deceiver?

He pledged to NOT RAISE TAXES, however he developed a reputation for becoming the Tax Man in the latest election attack ads. He has little to no disregard for the tax payers.

Other broken promises (h/t Ross Ayotte)

A vote for the McGuinty Ontario Liberals is a vote for higher taxes, higher fees and higher hydro rates, and there will be a huge increase in all of the above to pay for his grandiose campaign promises if re-elected and one thing we all know is there will be more broken promises, scandals and ‘Premier Dud’s’ Liberal friends getting richer.

McGuinty has made a lot of promises to the people of Ontario since 2003 – promises still not kept.

Here’s a list of some of those broken promises:

  • In Health Care, McGuinty promised to:
    • Fund medically-necessary health care services (but he de-listed eye exams, chiropractic care and physiotherapy)
    • Unclog Emergency Rooms
    • Provide autism treatment beyond age 6
    • Provide better mental health care
    • Hire 8,000 nurses
    • Cancel P3 hospitals in Brampton
    • Spend ‘every penny’ of the new health tax on health care, and
    • Close ‘private’ MRI and CT clinics
  • For the Environment, McGuinty promised to:
    • Meet 3/4 of Ontario’s share of the Kyoto commitments
    • Divert 60% of municipal garbage to recycling by 2005
    • Ban organics waste in our landfills
    • Give the Ministry of Natural Resources the resources to protect fish and wildlife
    • Close coal-fired electricity plants by 2007, and
    • Eliminate mercury emissions from coal-fired electric power generation plants by 2010
  • In Education, McGuinty promised to:
    • Establish a standing committee on Education to hold yearly hearings
    • Ensure 75% of students meet or exceed the provincial standard on province-wide tests within the first mandate
    • Set a hard cap of 20 students for early grades
    • Provide a new funding formula for rural and northern schools, and
    • Stop school closings
  • In Infrastructure, McGuinty promised to:
    • Provide a Seamless Transportation Network across the GTA
    • Stop 6,600 houses from being built on the Oak Ridges Moraine, and
    • Build 20,000 new affordable housing units
  • In terms of Managing Taxpayer Dollars, McGuinty promised to:
    • End Federal Child Tax Credit clawbacks
    • Not raise taxes
    • Stop the waste of taxpayers’ dollars
    • Balance the budget every year of their mandate
    • Not add to the province’s debt
    • “Give you the power over the role of money in politics, by asking you to set strict limits on the amounts political parties can raise and spend.”
    • Give taxpayers better value for money while keeping taxes down, and
    • Abide by the balanced budget law
  • Regarding Responsible Government, McGuinty promised to:
    • Allow all non-cabinet MPPs to criticize and vote against government legislation
    • Govern with honesty and integrity
    • Operate an open and transparent government, and
    • Reduce the use of private consultants
  • In other areas, McGuinty promised to:
    • Create tens of thousands of new child care spaces
    • Make the Ministry of Agriculture a lead ministry
    • Implement all of Justice O’Connor’s Recommendations
    • Provide 35,000 Housing Allowances
    • Repeal the Tenant Protection Act within one year
    • Provide legal rights to victims of crime
    • Cap hydro rates at 4.3 cents per kilowatt hour until 2006
    • Require trades and professions to accept qualified immigrants within one year
    • Eliminate barriers to foreign-trained professionals within one year, and
    • Establish a public inquiry into meat inspections

All of the above commitments to Ontario voters have been broken since Dalton McGuinty became Premier of Ontario.

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