CANADA: Pride Toronto gets grant despite Queers Against Israeli Apartheid controversy

08 Jun

Source: National Post

Remember folks; gays aren’t prosecuted and executed in Israel, but they are in every other Muslim Country. More useful idiots protesting a cause they simply know nothing about. Perhaps we should sent QuAIA to the West Bank and/or Gaza to protest their cause there, I’m sure they’d be welcome with open arms.

Source: Wiki-Islam

  • The Islamic views on homosexuality are formed from the writings of the Qur’an and various Hadith narrations. It is not only a sin, but a crime under Islamic law.
  • According to the Iranian gay and lesbian rights group Homan, the Iranian government alone has put to death an estimated 4,000 homosexuals since the Islamic revolution of 1979.
  • Also in the secular nation of Turkey, a country which is often held-up as a poster-child for ‘moderate’ Islam, persecution and violence against homosexuals [along with non-Muslim minorities] is on the rise, with eleven gays being killed within the first half of 2009
  • Many gay Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza have fled to safety in Israel.

Terrorist regime of Iran executing two underage gay males

More executions of gays in Muslim countries

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