Quebec Student Entitlement Whores

23 May

I wonder when this madness will ever come to an end? These children need to be grounded and have their TV privileges taken away at once! News in from today shows that the Student Leaders are actually getting payments from out-of-Province Union Leaders! Now we really know what the agenda behind these so called ‘tuition protests’ are all about now. They’ve deviated back towards the useless Occupy movement coupled with Quebec Independence and anti-Capitalist protests.

The facts:

  • Quebec students pay the lowest Tuition in the Country
  • Quebec Students pay only 17% of the cost of their schooling
  • After the 48% increase to their tuition over 5 years, they will still pay less than half of what I paid in Ontario

I really wonder what the majors of these student protesters are? I can guarantee that NONE of them are in any sort of technical field, such as Engineering. Engineers at least value their education, compared to Liberal Arts Students.

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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Canada, Quebec


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