Declaration of Human Responsibilities

23 May

h/t Jerry Agar from Newstalk 1010

Written by my favourite Right-Wing Libertarian talk show host. He hammers down the main points of human responsibility, of which all of us should abide by.

We have a Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but we lack a Canadian Declaration of human responsibilities.

I did find some declarations of human responsibilities, but those were just a rehash of the declaration of rights, basically boiling down to saying everyone has to follow the declaration of rights.

People are big on rights, but on responsibilities, not so much.

So here is mine, hopefully as a helpful suggestion, the Jerry Agar Declaration of Human Responsibilities;

Every person has the responsibility to ensure that their children attend school and study until they graduate high school.

Every person has the responsibility to avoid pregnancy until he and she are in a financial position to raise and care for a child. To do less is child abuse.

Every person has the responsibility to take care with their lives that they do not become addicted to drugs and alcohol, and if they do, to take the steps necessary to get clean and sober, so as not be a burden.

Every person has the responsibility to provide for themselves and their dependants as much as possible, even if this means doing work the person deems undesirable.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, therefore every person has the responsibility to treat others with respect and dignity, which includes not attacking or maligning other people’s initiative, effort and success with undue income transfer schemes.

All have the right of freedom to worship or not, and the responsibility to respect other’s decisions in that regard and get over it.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference. Everyone has the responsibility to live with the discomfort that causes.

If the people protesting in the streets today spent even half as much time thinking about their responsibilities as they do scrawling slogans on cardboard to declare their greedy desires, we would immediately live in a better world.


NEWSTALK 1010 – IN-DEPTH RADIO :: Agar’s Declaration of Human Responsibilities – Jerry Agar’s Blog :: Jerry Agar Blog Entry.

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